Parkrose Heights Community Garden


Are you interested in getting your hands dirty and growing a garden?

We are community-oriented group of novice-to-experienced urban gardeners growing in an environment free of pesticides and herbicides. We advocate sustainable harvests by gathering seed, composting and using our greenhouse for an early start to the growing season.

Workdays are planned throughout the season to ensure we keep up with the garden. All in the community are invited to participate to keep our garden in good shape!
Once the garden season is in full swing we have gatherings in the garden to share our stories, ideas, and helpful hints with each other. As well as dedicating ourselves to keeping the garden in good repair, free of weeds and debris, we are also dedicated to the continued development of our  multi-ethnic, multi-generational community and its beautiful diversity. ALL ARE WELCOME!

We believe that the cycle of life experienced through planting, tending, nurturing, and harvesting is part of the great hands-in-the-dirt spirituality of gardening.

Please contact us if you are interested in obtaining a plot, all you help cover is the cost of watering the garden $30 per season.
Call our office at (503) 253-7567 or email our garden coordinator Katrina Kellmer for more information!