5 Communities 1 Garden

‘Microcultures’. That’s what a favorite author of mine calls groups of people who speak a different language, move to different music, share stories of struggle, survival and prosperity that you think might be different than the ones you tell.  In our church we call them: Vida Abudante, Oromo Church, David’s Harp, and our Parkrose neighbors. Some speak Spanish, others speak an African dialect from Ethiopia, others struggle with mental illness and others simply live in our neighborhood. Do you know how hard it is to get these folks together? 

But we are finding common ground. And it’s  just that… common ground – working the earth together, planting seeds together, watering/tending/weeding and even sharing the harvest. 5 communities, 1 community garden.

It’s our first season. And even though we got started late (planted in mid-June) our gardeners from the four-corners of this earth have quite a harvest for their efforts. A few tomatoes, I’ve heard, have made there way to the SnowCap food pantry as well.

We still have lots to learn and there is much work to do to get the garden up to capacity. But I am thrilled! What’s most exciting is the building of relationships between microcultures that traditionally we have walled off from each other.  Schools (public elementary and a new Montessori Pre-School), neighborhood associations, and churches (Hispanic Pentecostal, Mixed-up Methodists, Oromo Seventh-Day Adventist). OK, it may be more than 5 communities – I owe you an announcement of the Lily Field Montessori School.

On  Friday, October 2, 6:30-8:30 p.m., we’ll meet in the garden for a Native American blessing of the garden, then share a pot-luck dinner. Sharing stories over food? Doesn’t get any better than this. Hope you’ll join us.

Peace – Bill

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