Questions and Reflections – VT REMIX session 3

Vine Time regulars/leaders are meeting Saturday evenings in January, 6-8 p.m. for some music, food, prayer, and discernment. We have all recognized the power of God’s spirit in our midst and are wondering what to do with it. How do we proceed? So we are reading and reflecting about the remix and retool that happened in the Jesus movement as told in the book of Acts. Here are some thoughts that stand out to us (so far):

Acts 1 – Jesus, as he prepared to ascend, promised the power of God’s spirit and challenged the faithful to be his WITNESSES to the ends of the earth. Power of God is the capacity to act. “Witnesses” simply means to attest to, participate in, and acknowledge the work of God in the world already happening.

Acts 2 – Visioning and dreaming – inclusive and expanding – attended to ‘awe and wonder’ – connected – shared openly – ate and prayed and laughed and cried and sang.

Acts 3 – God’s power to heal, not ours – bridging cultures with celebration

Questions we’re starting to raise in our reflections:

  1. In the world of many microcultures, what is our unique message of Jesus people need to experience?
  2. What are the blessings we can share?
  3. Are we a) second worship service, b) new faith community, or c) covenant discipleship group?
  4. Who in our community might miss us if we weren’t here?

More words that are emerging:

  • Safe place – artistic freedom (freedom of the Holy Spirit to work in and through us)
  • Life Support (supporting each other on life’s journey)
  • Covenanting to support each other in being a blessing to our neighborhood, community and world.

 What are your questions? What are your thoughts?

We’ll venture into Acts 4 this Saturday (January 24) 6-8 p.m. Please join us – All are welcome. Next steps from here will include some strategic planning that can turn conversation into action.

Peace, Bill

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